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Is Your Existing Fall Protection Adequate?

Even if you have installed a swing gate, sliding (trombone) gate, removable bars or chains, they are still dangerous to operate.
These can often be left open and are accidents waiting to happen!  Even safety harnesses don't solve the problem as they only protect the wearer, if they remember to put it on!  

What Does The HSE Guidance Say?

'You need to provide a continuous barrier between people and the platform edge. Thereby, preventing anyone from falling through the opening'.

In an HSE case study.


'Specifically for a mezzanine opening, it was assessed that the best way to safeguard staff was to install a pallet gate system of 'pivoting safety barriers' around the load area providing 'continuous edge protection’.  


Is An Safe Answer Possible?

Mezzbarriers can provide you with a safe and cost effective pallet gate or loading barrier system for your loading access point. 

Mezz Barriers pallet and loading gate systems offer a range of solutions that meet all access situations.  


From an economic pallet gate for occasional use to a complex doorway loading situation. There is a model to provide you with safe and fool-proof edge protection.for your workforce.


Key Features

Atlas Standard Economy Pallet Gate

Atlas Standard Pallet Gate

For standard Pallets

Fitted with kick plate

Beta Economy Low Headroom Pallet Gate

Beta Ecomnomy Low Headrom Pallet Gate

Custom Built

High Load Height in Confined Head room

Gamma Extra Wide Up and Over Pallet Gate

2 m, 2.5 m and 3 m. inside width.

Made to order

Hi-Gate Universal Safety Loading Gate

Hi-Gate Universal Safety Gate

Custom Built

Unlimited Load Height - Load by forklift or hoist

Sigma Unversal Safety Gate

Sigma Universal Safety Gate


Multi-Purpose model - Loads of applications


What you need to do to find the right solution.


View the models  in our handy model comparison guide above to find the correct model to meet your requirement.  


Or, if you prefer, please tell us about your particular needs by completing our easy-to-use online enquiry forms, Please select the one best suited to your application. To help you make an informed choice you can view our online Case Studies


Alternatively, you can call us to ask to speak to an expert on safe edge protection for your site on 0161 223 1990
or by email:

The Pallet / Load Safety Gate Model Comparison Guide,  provided below, shows you the particular benefits and optional extras available on all of the eleven models in our pallet gate or loading gate systems available.

All models will suit all standard pallets sizes. However, for your more specific requirements, more options are available to our bespoke models in lincreased load width, space saving, increased depth, unlimited load height or special loading applications, please view the bespoke model with the benefits that are best suited to your needs.


Click on the model name to find out more detailed information on the actual product page.



All models are provided in Galvanised/Zinc plated finish as standard.  Powder coating at extra cost. We can also  provide easy-fit hazard warning tube sleeving to improve visibility and awareness.  Installation and operating instructions are provided for each installation. 

A unique Service


With over 15 years experience in solving height safety issues in all industries, you can be assured of a safe and economical solution.


You can tap into our unique knowledge base of the many issues that companies like yours have in finding a HSE approved solution to high level loading in safety on our case study pages.

Expert attention


The expertise gained over the years has provided us with know-how and resources to develop a unique range of pallet and load handling safety gates.  That can, almost certainly, provide the right answer to your particular application.


Our experienced team are readily available with any help or advice you may need in sourcing the correct safety gate system for your site.

Safety first


The Mezz Barriers range of safety gate systems offer continuous protection for operatives, whilst allowing loading operations to be carried out as normal.  We provide innovative and safe solutions for even the most difficult applications.


No matter what size of load or how difficult the location we can usually provide a cost effective, safe and fool-proof solution for your application.

Don't Let This Happen in Your Workplace!



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