Sigma Universal Safety Gate

How it works


This new concept pallet gate has features designed to solve specific problems not addressed by other models.

What’s so special?

When the operator pulls down the inner gate, the mechanisms incorporated in the side frames automatically pivots up the two edge gates to the vertical position either side of the opening.
See video on this page.


When used with standard pallets the side frames can be reduced for space saving and allows good access to the pallet on three sides. This model can also be used with a vacuum handling cranes for unloading bags or sacks etc. Read more about special applications below. With inner gate raised this model offers more usable floor space for confined areas.


The design can be adapted for use with inward opening doors or roller shutters and is especially useful for use with hoists on low runway beams. When the gates are fitted to deeper side frames it allows the inner gate to fold up, under the runway, behind the load when landed. 

The construction is a combination of our tried and tested standard tube and component construction merged with specially designed pivot joints and tube rotators.

Sigma on Mezzanine


This design allows us to produce a bespoke low cost gate which can be easily adapted (See below) not only in height, width and depth but will also be easy to assemble and adjust on site to ensure optimum operation.


Special applications


In addition to normal forklift loading, this model can be used with hoists, in doorways and with vacuum handling cranes - See notes below


The Sigma model is offered to bespoke requirements -

There is an online quotation request form at the bottom of this page





Sigma Custom-Built Universal Loading Saving Gate
Features and Benefits of this model plus dimensions
Adobe Acrobat document [545.2 KB]

Sigma General Dimensions (mm)


Hand rail height





Overall height



load heigh



Up to 3000❶

/    + 365  ❷

Up to 4500

/ + 100 

see notes  

Load height
+ See notes



❶    We recommend that you allow at least 200-300mm load clearance on the inside gate width.

❷    Gap required for edge gate – Mechanism increases overall width to + 600mm


Special notes:

Depth of the gate will vary according to height and depth of the load to be cleared by the fold down the inner gate and the length of side frames. Overall height varies according to the length of side frames. 

Usually, there is a trade off between space saving and load clearance requirements. The longer we can make the side frames the lower the fold down inner gate can be to clear the load. 

For minimum height with fold down gate behind load depth, we recommend that you allow at least 150mm load clearance on inside height.


Information we need:

We will need to know the unrestricted headroom above the gate location.  The edge gate will usually be much lower than the inner gate.  The headroom at the edge is often lower as on most mezzanines there can often be a roof support beam above as the mezzanine is often supported by the building columns.

Loading by hoist

If you intend to use the gate for loading with a hoist with or without doors, the side frame will need to be of sufficient length for the inner gate to fold back up behind the load.  The inner gate needs to be closed to access the load.  The load has to be landed to disconnect from the hoist within the safety area and a non-wheeled load can then be moved further in by landing onto a suitable trolley or pallet truck. 


We will need the height to the underside of the runway beam.  Special note: If headroom is very tight you may need to alter the hoist feed system as the gates could foul the hanging cables. 


Unloading pallet contents by hoist

For applications where the palletized load is to be unloaded e.g. vacuum hoist for sacks. The side frames can be made with minimum depth and the inner gate raked forward in the folded position when shut. This allows the hoist to swing over the entire pallet.


If you can give us the precise dimensions we can calculate the optimum dimensions required to clear the load. 


Doorway applications

This model can also be used with inward opening doors (See case study). You will need to drill 2 x 50mm dia holes in the wall each side of the door frame at knee rail and handrail height for the active mechanism tubes which will hold the outer gates.  


We will require the proposed hole cross centres and the thickness of the wall to finalise the arrangement. The outer or edge gates have vertical posts which will need to land on a ledge. If no ledge exists, you will have to bolt a short bracket to the wall at the centre of the outer face door sill. Alternatively, for wooden floors, a floor plate with a lip (see below) can be used to protect the floor and protrude under the door{s} to provide a landing for the external edge gate... 


See PDF cut sheet below for more clarification.




Sigma for doorway
Sigma with Vacuum Handler
Sigma on external platform

Sigma Features and benefits are:


  • Galvanised tubular steel construction 
  • Supplied complete for simple installation (Partially dismantled for shipment)
  • Maintenance free pivot bushes on the fold-up gate.
  • Simply pull down the inner gate to open the edge gate.
  • Installation, operation, and maintenance instructions are provided
  • Just bolt to floor and its ready for use
  • Ultra space saving side frames (Dependant on load height and depth)  allow good access to pallet/load on three sides. Ideal for use on walkways or narrow platforms.
  • Can easily be adapted for use with doors/roller shutter openings - Open door, then pull down inner safety gate for safe loading.
  • Can be used with forklifts or overhead hoists
  • Ideal for use with a vacuum handling swing cranes for unloading palletised loads such as bags or sacks.  Narrow profile options allow crane to swing over pallet behind the frame.
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Allows clear view of operation
  • Reinforces sense of security
  • Fool-proof operation
  • CE Marked 

Optional Features:

  • Wider gates for increased load width - easily accommodates two standard pallets.
  • Deeper gate area to accommodate special loads
  • Special heights
  • Safety Yellow thermoplastic coated tube finish

Optional Extras:

Floor plate in aluminium tread plate 1250 mm wide x 1150 mm deep with 100 mm fold to protect edge (Recommended for wood floors).


Floor/Edge Protection Plate
Hazard Warning Tube Sleeving

Hi-Vis Easy-fit PVC tube sleeving - Sold in one metre lengths. Can be butted togteher and cut to suit.


Sigma Unversal Safety Gate Cut Sheet PDF download full dimensions

Adobe Acrobat document [664.8 KB]

Not sure if this model is the one you need?


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